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Black Girls in Color, Introducing a Lituation The Grown Women Have Been Waiting For

Updated: Jul 6

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kayla Photography

“Black Girls in Color is the ultimate Black Girl Extravaganza. It is an event filled with Love and Fly Shit. Come ready to party, love on each other + loudly and unapologetically take up space.”

This is what you need to know when you consider linking up with the girls for a day on the town, having fun, and living your best life. This initiative has recently emerged and has been the “it place to be” from city to city! Yes, honey, they are on the move!!!

Photo Credit: Chris Jordan @_certified_

In a society where Black women often face systemic oppression and marginalization, it is crucial to have a dedicated space to uplift and amplify their voices. Black Girls In Color is a new and thriving space curated by Shante known by her Community as “The Ghetto Unicorn”. Black Women In Color creates a fun and liberating community filled with fashion and of course, COLOR, that fosters sisterhood, self-love, and empowerment

Photo Credit: Instagram @shant365

The city of Philadelphia, with its rich history and vibrant black community, was an ideal location for this initiative to have been birthed because the Philly culture carries so much charisma and self-expression as is. It is the blend of unfiltered yet respectful individuality that Black Girls In Color brings, that makes it come to life and leave a lasting impression. They tap into the city's energy and this has created such a powerful movement that resonates with any black woman that comes in contact!

Black Girls in Color offers a safe space, without the presence of men or male counterparts, where Black Women can legitimately dance, party, fellowship, eat, drink, negotiate business, or simply just hang out, in peace, with our sisters.

It is a place to meet new sisters! — Black Girls In Color provides a Tribe-like feel and takes away the need for permission to live in full color! It frees the inner bud in women as flowers and it connects us also, through the unique experiences and challenges faced by black women as a whole.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kayla Photography

Black Girls In Color has created a new lane within the Adult Entertainment space that is appealing to women in business, along with any Black Woman who enjoys a good time with good people. — Tickets to their experiences have been selling out and expanding in capacity with each production. The buzz around the brand is so refreshing and the best is that it matches the vibes in real life! The impact of Black Girls In Color extends far beyond the individuals involved. By empowering black women, we are ultimately empowering the entire community. When black women thrive, we become role models and inspirations for future generations. We break barriers and challenge societal norms, creating a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone. Black Girls In Color is on to something major and are becoming a reliable resource for fun self-care, self-awareness, and networking; on top of the dope content and fashion being produced from the experience.

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