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CultureCon 2023 from the Lens of A Millennial CEO

Updated: Jul 5

Culture Con

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CultureCon 2023 was a movie, and GhettoCEO Media had the incredible opportunity to be a media partner at this event.

Let me tell you, it was a mind-blowing experience!

As a CEO, people often assume that I have no fears, but that's far from the truth.

I must admit, I had no clue what to expect when I walked into this event, especially because my videographer fell ill just days before, leaving me to travel alone.

I debated multiple times whether I should step out of my comfort zone or stay home in my cozy PJs, binge-watching Scandal reruns.

But you know what?

I decided to take the plunge and embrace this new adventure with excitement and a touch of nerves. I caught a red-eye flight into the city that morning, knowing I had to catch a 12 AM flight back to Atlanta.

Best of Both Worlds right??

To find a happy medium, I invited a Millionaire Mob Member Danielle Wright to join me and help capture content during the event.

I arrived promptly and breezed through the VIP line to get my media credentials.

The team there welcomed me with unmatched cheerfulness and excitement.

When I first set foot in the venue, it was a complete culture shock.

In a GOOD Way.

The LA sun was beaming, heating up the air to a pleasant 80 degrees.

You could practically feel the energetic vibes pulsating from within the building.

And let me tell you, the massive activations spread throughout the space were nothing short of amazing!

In that moment, I thought to myself, "This is what Black Excellence looks like!"

It was Saturday morning at 9 AM, and to my surprise, the attendees were already there, on time, and ready to go.

Since the event hadn't kicked off just yet, I decided to take the opportunity to explore.

The sponsors had set up impressive activations all around, from Amazon to Black is Beautiful.

And let's not forget the row of food stations—it was a feast for the senses!

As a CEO, my mind started racing, thinking about how I could bring this incredible energy back to Atlanta.

I continued my journey and made my way into the VIP Area sponsored by HBO.

They were serving free cocktails and appetizers that were simply to die for.

Wanting to secure a seat, I made my way to the front row to listen to the awe-inspiring speakers. And let me tell you, they absolutely blew me away.

Marketing By Monrae



Throughout the event, I had the luxury of moving between sessions and the VIP Lounge, where the real magic happened.

I had the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues I only knew from Instagram, and even ran into famous actors and actresses at the bar, sparking organic conversations.

Now honestly, I had no clue who these people were, but the humbleness and the willingness to connect were definitely top-tier.

That's what our culture is all about—connecting and celebrating together.

One thing that inspired me was seeing over 1000 young black creatives having the time of their lives.




In Atlanta, the creative scene can sometimes feel a bit more mature and less vibrant compared to LA.

But at CultureCon, I felt like I had finally found my tribe.

In fact, I couldn't resist texting my partner, saying, "I'm ready to sign a lease this is lit!"

Between networking and attending the insightful panels, I also had the chance to interview some of the speakers on the red carpet.

Let me tell you, they didn't hold back!

Victoria Monet and CoCo Jones joined me on the GhettoCEO Podcast, sharing their experiences as CEOs and shedding light on the sometimes "ghetto" aspects of the journey.

You can catch those interviews on our podcast, by the way.

To sum it all up, from the perspective of a millennial CEO, CultureCon was lit!

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